Portfolio : Flyer Design

STK Android Phones by Facey Telecom SVG

Client: Facey Telecom SVG

SVG Mission 1ST Quadrennial Session – Jesus is Coming

Client: Kerry Kerr

Fondren SDA Fearless Sabbath Flyer Design

Finesse Spa & Beauty Salon Flyer Design

Client: Pearl Lynch

SVG Family Chicken Coop Flyer Design

Rescue Mission Gospel Explosion Crusade with Ps. Kenan Cain

Client: Kenan Cain

Daniel and the Revelation Seminar with Ps. Karlson Samuel

Client: Kingstown SDA Church

Made a Way PART 2 – SDA Gospel Concert

Client: Kalique Peters

Fondren SDA Life Classes Seminars

Client: Fondren SDA Church

AITSVG Chromagen Streamline Flyer Design

Client: AIT Solutions Ltd.