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With the huge proliferation of Android devices in the market and the rapid use of Android-based smartphones in the market, the platform has become a serious competitor to Apple’s iOS platform and even superseded it in some respects. Android App Development, therefore becomes an automatic choice.

Need an android app?

We'll build you a powerful android app to engage your customers when and where it counts.

Our Android app development team has over four years experience in creating apps for android phones, and tablets. Design and functionality are tailored based on your requirements so that you’re delivered a personalized app. We’ll build you an Android application that is scalable and robust and is designed with a UI that rivals the best apps in the market. We will also deploy your mobile app to the Android App Store Free of cost!

Whether you are looking for an app that will promote sales and services or a content aggregation app that disseminates information to users, we’ll build you a powerful android app to engage your customers when and where it counts.

We are conversant App Designers!

At DexCorp, we love what we do and the beautiful mobile apps that we create testifies of our creativity. We are keen on developing only polished, native Android apps that stand out from the crowd in more ways than one. We do not compromise on quality and efficiency of the apps that we create. Our native Android app development services ensure optimal speed and performance as well. Check out some of the apps that we’ve created in our portfolio.

Building on the Android framework with Dexterity!

By working on the framework of the app diligently, we design apps with core qualities and capabilities of the android platform in mind. We ensure that each of the apps created are seamless, streamlined and delivering only a high quality user experience.



Our affordable and reasonable pricing is a major advantage for most companies. We'll ensure that you get a mobile app with a variety of features without breaking the bank.


We have over four years experience developing beautiful native android apps. In 2014 we developed a mobile app called "TODS" for a group called "Tech DOJARS". TODS won 1st place in the mobile app category of the NTRC's I-Squared Competition.


Our delivery time is based mainly on the features and services you request in your app. However we ensure that we'll develop and have your app up and running as soon as possible.


We'll deploy your mobile app to the Google Play Store FREE of cost.